April was an awesome month with lots of great fish ,great laughs and of course happy customers. The Arapaima were still on the feed and even coming out 2 at a time . We put the finishing touches to the restaurant entrance with some new s…

April was an awesome month with lots of great fish ,great laughs and of course happy customers.

The Arapaima were still on the feed and even coming out 2 at a time .

We put the finishing touches to the restaurant entrance with some new signs and lattice work on either side .

Before I fill the report with his wonderful photos I would like to give credit to our good friend Henrik Moller who spent a total of 5 days fishing and photographing everything from butterflies to our great customer catches . Henrik got some amazing shots and when not snapping pics also got some fishing in himself. At least twice I saw Henrik hand off fish to other clients or let them strike one of his rods so they could catch a fish and he could get their photo .. A photographer and a gentlemen , thank you Henrik

Henrik caught Redtails , Arapiama and several other fish but ironically didn't get many photos of himself after being so busy getting some of everyone else..

Here's another great shot from Henrik showing how big our lake really is .. At 25 rai it's one of the biggest in Southern Thailand.

I can never say enough about our guides as they do such an awesome job . They are the most hard working guides I have every seen and I have fished at most of the top resorts in Thailand .. Nothing is too much to ask and they always respond with a smile ..Ched pictured here is my brother in law and when not guiding also helps out with maintenance around the resort . Ched and his wife Pom have been here from day 1 before we initially broke any ground and have been an incredible asset. Without their efforts we wouldn't be where we are today ..

Ched's wife Pom isn't actually a full time guide but thinks nothing of getting in to help with netting and releasing fish ..It looks like she has developed a safe way to release the Arapaima by standing behind the net :).. Pom also takes care of feeding all our fish . cleaning aquariums , many garden duties and on busy days she even serves food around the lake .. To top that off she is probably the best ground bait ball maker we have :).

Our newest guide Poe actually works too hard .. Works too hard ? How can that be you must be asking ?. I am constantly telling him to slow down so he doesn't get hurt . He literally sprints round the lake when a customer has a fish on .. I worry hes going to trip and fall in the lake. I guess he would be fine though as he's also an excellent swimmer as the other day I saw him quickly swim out to the middle of the lake when a fish needed to be retrieved for oxygen .. ..

Lek is our most senior guide who is responsible for rigs and tackle duties . He also helps coordinating the swim set ups from the daily fishing schedule .We will be losing him for a few months later in the year as he will go to be a monk . Many young men in Thailand do this and it is regarded as a very important thing to do by their family .

While on the topic of our guides I would like to thank all of our customers on the guides behalf for the tips they have received . Their tips really mean a lot to them and I have noticed this allows them to buy a little something extra for themselves . I often see them proudly sharing photos of their new purchases on facebook .

Many people ask me what they should tip a guide and I always say it's up to them. If anyone is looking for an number I would simply say that anything is appreciated , but 300 to 500 baht is about average from what I have seen ..

.. Our kitchen staff , Head Chef Tuk and Chef Poo also say a big thank you as they really appreciate your tips as they receive 20% of what the guides receive ...Tuk and Poo cook some amazing food and even serve around the lake come rain or shine . We will obviously add more full time serving staff once we get more busy , but for now all of our team help out and do a great job .

The total number of fish caught for April was 382 , with only 66 angler days fished.That was an average of 5+ fish per angler day

It was a real mixed bag of species for April .There were a grand total of 29 different species caught this month . Our catch report is as follows;- 4 African Walking Catfish to 28lbs,.. 25 Alligator Gar to 85 lbs,..10 Albino Pacu to 19 lbs.. 96 Amazon Redtails to 65lbs...68 Arapaima to 325lbs ,. 42 Asian Redtails to 37lbs,. 4 Bony Lipped barbs to 7lbs, ..9 Chao Phraya Catfish to 109lbs,.. . 3 Giant Featherbacks to 13lbs,.. 9 Giant Gourami to 8 lbs,..3 Giant Snakehead to 18lbs.. 1 Giant Stingray to 1m ... 9 Goonch to 26lbs , ...2 Hovens Carp to 7lbs... 5 Jau Catfish to 28lbs ... 4 Mekong Catfish to 260lbs.. 3 Pacu to 28lbs ,.. 4 Piraiba Catfish to 22lbs,. 6 Redtail/Tiger Cross Catfish to 16lbs,. 4 Ripsaw/Niger Catfish to 18lbs,. 2 Rohu to 16lbs ...39 Siamese Carp to 63lbs,.. 2 Soldier River Barb to 7lbs... 2 Spotted Featherback to 6 lbs. ..8 Tambaqui to 18lbs,.2 Tiger Shovelnose Catfish to 20lbs,. 5 Vundu Catfish to 18 lbs,..5 Wallagoo Attu to 24 lbs, 4 Wallagoo Leeri to 22lbs .

We don't get many Thai customers at EFT but our guides were quite excited when Kuhn Nipon Thongnum arrived . He is apparently a quite famous entertainer who stopped singing due to some medical issues... He is now fully recovered and was in Phang nga with his partner to donate to an orphanage ..He was hoping for an Arapaima but started with an Asian Redtail

His next fish was yet another Thai species with a Siamese carp .

He did manage some non Thai species and caught several Amazon Redtails, but unfortunately no Arapaima on this visit.

Neil Robinson returned with another customer ,Tom from the UK and expertly guided him to some very nice fish .

One of Tom's favorite fish of this trip was this beautiful Chao Phraya Catfish .

Tom like so many anglers this month landed several good sized Asian Redtails.

His redtail list was also filled with some nice Amazon species.

Tom also managed several Siamese carp

A top angling day like this would not be complete without an EFT Arapaima

Our good friends Gill and Paul returned to EFT and were busy catching some awesome fish like this huge Asian Redtail ... I think they were following the trend set by their friends Colin and Georgina on a recent trip with both of them getting in for a few couples fish pics.

One of Paul's Arapaimas was so big that even I got in on the photo ..

Their friend Jay dropped by for an afternoon ticket and not only caught an Arapaiama but caught it at the same time as Paul for yet another EFT Double Ari photo.

Paul was so happy with this Arapaima that he was teaching our guide Ched some of his celebratory moves...

If you think it was just the men catching Arapaima then you are 100% wrong ..

Even Gill gave up her lounge chair and fancy coconut drink to fight an Arapaima of her own .

It wasn't just about Arapaimas for Paul either as he was also catching lots of weird and wonderful fish like this Ripsaw Catfish on a lum and poly ball rig

This Pacu was quite the chunk and definitely worthy of a photo ..

Paul and Gill are some of the most easy going and funny couple that I know. They are fun to be around and I look forward to guiding them whenever they visit.. I definitely have the best job in the world when I can guide and fish with such good friends :).

Paul had brought some fancy pop ups and other bits which he gave a good go . I finally got him back on to pellets and the lum rig and he quickly got into some Siamese Carp action.

Here's Paul with a nice last minute Siamese .

Paul landed a load of Amazon Redtails during their visit .This was one of my favorite Amazon Redtail photos from his trip.

This photo says it all and what fishing here is all about .. good friends , good times and good memories. OH!!! and of course a couple of fat guys breathing in for photos :).

For anyone looking to stay for dinner we also have some very tasty food and our wine selection isn't bad either .

Another pair who were here at the right time to catch some nice fish while being photographed by Henrik were Andrew Harmann and Danial Chappell .Danny was very eager to catch an Arapaima and Andrew being a very experienced angler was more than happy to offer his advice .

Danny was very happy to get the ball rolling and catch some nice Siamese Carp

Andrew also got in on some of the carp action although I know he was really after one of our 55+kg monsters

Andrew landed an African Walking/Vundu Catfish next...

The pair didn't catch an Arapaima the first day so Danny especially was very eager to return to try his luck again. As those things always go Danny had to wait and Andrew was first to strike with another of many Arapaima he has caught here .

Andrew showed no mercy and also landed the second and third Arapaimas of the day while Danny was still empty handed ..

As often happens patience finally paid off and it was Danny's turn, with his first Arapaima coming at 5;30 pm.

He followed up an hour later with a much bigger fish and left for home a very happy man .. I am sure we will see him back at some point and hopefully Andrew too as we continue to increase our numbers of big Siamese Carp ..

Jez Wilson also visited us again and got a great photo of this monster Asian Redtail

Our German friend Holger Block came to see us but unfortunately couldn't fish as he was recovering from a recently broken back and figured fighting an Arapaima was pushing his luck.. That didn't deter his good friend Alfred though as he fished hard and was rewarded with a good Arapaima ..We hope you continue to get well Holger and hope to see you battling Arapaima of your own some time soon :) .

Another German angler Stefan who visited us in April was also happy to catch an Arapaima .. The highlight of his visit though was to meet up with his good friend Francois who he hadn't seen in quite some time..

Francois didn't get a bite all morning while Stefan was busy catching ..He was just discussing with me that he wanted to maybe move swims when his rod screamed off and he landed this beautiful Siamese Carp..

This brings up a good point which I would like to remind everyone of .. When you go carp fishing at home and cast out your rods do you expect to get a run in the first few hours?. Probably not or you wouldn't have brought your tent , your stove and enough food and drink to last you a week ..I mention this as we often have customers stand on the swim with their arms folded or on their hips looking at us after just 5 minutes with this "why haven't we caught a fish yet ? expression ".

It takes time for the fish to move in on your bait {if you put any out :)} so please be patient , fish hard and you should catch 3 or more fish before you leave . If you want to increase your chances of a fish of a lifetime then I suggest to book a multiple day package or a 5 day package where we will guarantee an Arapaima.

Francois had a good afternoon with him and Stefan landing 8 fish between them . He was all smiles with this Alligator Gar ..

Eric Yeomans visited us for a day ticket and had a great day landing 4 awesome fish also including an Alligator gar

He also landed a very colourful Tambaqui which in that photo looks almost the same colour as our lake.

The fish got better and better as he landed a very rare Jau catfish . Not one of our bigger Jau but great to see any of this species coming out regularly .

The highlight of Eric's day was of course this monster of an Arapaima.

Mohammed Hassen Hussain and son Mohammed Ali joined us for their first visit to EFT and started their first day with a beautiful Asian Redtail. They ended their day with an Alligator gar and a Piraiba Catfish to fill up their catch report .. They had missed quite a few runs and made a wise decision to give it another go the next day

Their next day started well with an Amazon Redtail and Arapaima double header .

That's a difficult photo to top but they managed it with this beauty of an Arapaima

The next fish was also a stunner .. This Alligator Gar was so thick across its back that it actually looked like a small Arapaima .

Hats off to young Mohammed who is not only a good young angler but is also gifted in martial arts . In his home country of Botswana he is on the junior national Karate team and even gave us a live demonstration in our restaurant before he left . Luckily he didn't chop our bar in half :)...

Jeff and Julie visited us with their guide Neil Robinson .. . They landed 7 Amazon Redtails ,one of which you can see with an Alligator as part of this double header photo.

They had some great Catfish overall including this Asian Redtail.

Their favorite Catfish of the day was this Chao Phraya Cat.

This Albino Pacu is one of the biggest I have seen caught anywhere .

Siamese carp were also on their wish list and also quickly checked off

An Arapaima was at the top of their list and ticked off before the end of an amazing days fishing

Our good friend Brian from Mad Mohally's bar in Rawai called me and told me he had two eager Australian anglers wanting to catch Arapaima.. We booked the taxis and Simon and Nav showed up the next day .. They were very easy going guys and I had a good feeling they were in for a good day .. Their first fish was a fat African Walking Catfish

Their first Arapaima was not huge but it definitely put a smile on their faces.

This was the second of what turned out to be an amazing 5 Arapaima for the day .

This fish was the biggest of their school of Arapama .

Arapaima were not the only predator they were catching as they also caught this toothy Alligator Gar .. Most people are a little apprehensive of the Alligator but obviously not these Aussies ..

No trip would be complete without an Amazon Redtail .. This was one of several landed by these happy customers.. These guys were so happy in fact that a week later when I dropped in to see Brian for a Guinness I couldn't even get in the door before Simon and Nav hurried over thanking me again for one of the best fishing days of their lives .. It was also their last night in Thailand so needless to say there were a few Guinness consumed by all .

We had a lot of welcome Russian anglers join us in April with lots of Arapaimas caught which is almost always their target fish .

I don't mean to paint everyone with the same brush but when Russian customers arrive it is 95% that their target is an Arapaima :). Other anglers I would say the Arapaima are first choice of about 60%.

It wasn't just Arapaima being caught by our Russian friends but also some Chao Phraya catfish

This very Patient angler came for Arapaima but unfortunately it wasn't to be and he ended up with a few other fish including this Bony Lipped Barb

Neil Robinson was also back with return customers Vince and Joe.. They caught a great assortment of fish including Alligator gar, Amazon and Asian Redtails, Piraiba Catfish and also this Ripsaw catfish

The highlight of the trip though started only 30 minutes after they arrived when they hooked into something huge on a pellet fished on the bottom.

A fight of over an hour included as always with our big Mekongs a lesson in the "Mekong Shuffle" . This is a pacing back and forth line retrieving technique which we try to get all our customers to use when fighting these bullet trains . I find this works better than a pumping of the rod technique and is a little easier on your back as the fish don't seem to pull as hard .

This fish was stocked less than 2 years ago and I would estimate it to be well over 120kg already .. It was so deep in the body that I couldn't get my arm under it and reach the far pec fin when I was trying to lift it..You know it is a deep fish when you can only see the anglers head behind the fish .. No insult intended but he is far from small:).

I thought I would show a photo of the fish stocking photo just to illustrate its huge growth rate .. The fish was weighed at 96 kg and electronically chipped before stocking .

Mekong fan Stretton Honor was back at EFT on a spur of the moment visit .. It is always great to see Stretton .. He started off his visit with some nice Siamese Carp

An angler of Stretton's experience has caught lots of Asian Redtails but this one was quite a chunk and worthy of a photo .

Hew was also thrilled with yet another EFT Wallagoo Attu

My only problem when Stretton visits is that I never get any work done :). Stretton is a witty person to say the least and I am always more than happy to help guide and have a few laughs rather than do my office work ...

Stretton is always after Mekong Catfish but they eluded him yet again .. He was still happy though with several new species this trip including this Jau Catfish .

It was a tough choice for his best catfish of the trip as he also caught this monster of a Chao Phraya Catfish.

A nice Tambaqui but not a new species .

An Albino Pacu was also not a new fish for Stretton .

Not a biig fish but definitley a new species was this Soldier River Barb

Another new carp species was this Hovens carp which proved a difficult one to hold on to ..I kept my promise I told you I wouldn't show the worst pic Stretton :)

One of the most difficult fish to hold onto and with some teeth to be careful of is the Alligator Gar .

Stretton never gets tired of catching Arapaima which is a good thing as he definitely gets his fair share

One of his better fish was this beautifully coloured 100+ kg fish .

They weren't all monsters but definitely all very lively when hooked .

We hope to see Stretton back with us later this year during prime Mekong time .. I have also heard a rumour that he is trying to catch a 50Kg + Siamese Carp from a 4th venue so we hope to help him with that also .

Stretton wasn't the only person catching Jau Catfish this month with another beauty for Runar from Norway . There were a total of 5 Jau Catfish out for the month which is the most so far .Our main goal is to get these fish closer to their 100lb+ maximum wait but also to make them more of a regular catch here at EFT .We will be adding more fish as soon as they are big enough to survive in the main lake

Runar also followed up with an Arapaima .

His Arapaima got bigger with every catch with a total of 3 for the day .

Runar finished up with one of our smaller Alligator Gar but a new species non the less.

I am not sure which angler caught this fish but they felt it was big enough for them both to get in the photo.

One of the anglers was lucky enough to get a second fish as darkness fell although not as big as the first .

Thanks again to Henrik for some amazing photos which didn't just highlight the fish and anglers but also some of the wildlife here at EFT.

That brings to an end another busy months report with some absolutely awesome fish caught and lots of good friends visiting . If you are looking for more information on our resort please take a look at our website at where we have lots of info and even an "ask mike" section which I hope is helpful ..

You can also book online through the website booking form or email us direct at . We can be reached by phone at +[66] 883799377 from overseas or from a Thai number 0883799377 ..We hope to welcome you here soon


March was a marvelous month for Exotic Fishing Thailand with the arrivals of some very special fish , some new and old friends ,and even a celebrity visitor. The introduction of Siamese Carp over 50 kilos is an important step for EFT. As with…

March was a marvelous month for Exotic Fishing Thailand with the arrivals of some very special fish , some new and old friends ,and even a celebrity visitor.

The introduction of Siamese Carp over 50 kilos is an important step for EFT. As with all our fish shipments we took great care to slowly adjust the water temperature in the trucks so the fish would have minimal shock when introduced to their new environment .

Exotic Fishing Thailand has already established itself as one of the top Exotic species fisheries in Thailand and are now in the process to improve our Siamese carp fishery to be on the same level or better than the other 2 premium Siamese Carp fisheries . There is no question that currently more carp over 100lbs are caught at Gillham's Fishery followed by Jurassic Fish park .. EFT will continue to add huge Siamese as we have done with all our other species until we reach our goal.

All our new Carp were carefully electronically chipped so that we can positively identify them as they are caught and do not need to weight them again . We always spray chipped fish with an anti infection violet spray after insertion and also always spray all our fish after netting .

It wasn't easy to coordinate as I also helped net the fish in Bangkok before they were shipped, but I am happy i timed things the way I did so that fishing legend John Wilson was at EFT to help welcome these beautiful fish

John and I even managed a tricky photo with 2 of the monster carp at the same time .

That wasn't the only 2 fish photo . as John Wilson's expertise caught him a double header Walking Catfish and Amazon Redtail pic

John also managed to land one of our many Arapaimas.. He was very taken back by the resort with "stunning" being his favorite way to describe EFT ..What a great compliment from someone who has fished some of the most beautiful places in the world . I cant wait to hear all the other very positive comments he has in his upcoming book on Thai fisheries.

Speaking of beautiful fisheries John explained that he has now finished his own piece of paradise at his own lake in Chumphon southern Thailand .. We are looking forward to offering packages to fish both EFT and Paradise lake [Bung Sawan] in the coming months ..Keep an eye on our website for further details at

It wasn't just about monster fish deliveries in March . We were also working very hard to make improvements to all our concrete swims. We extended all 16 of them and also added steps for safe entry and exit into the lake for fish photos. We originally built EFT to a very high standard but we always listen to our customers requests and try to improve even small details where and when we can .

Our busy customers caught 477 fish in March for 78 angler days fished .. Our catch rate for March was therefore 6+ fish per angler day with 29 different species netted. One of the highlights being that 88 Arapaima were caught which is more than one per customer . This was the most Arapaima ever caught in one month and was a direct result of us stocking another 15 Arapaima all of which were over 40 kilos . We didn't really want to stock more fish so soon , but these fish grow so incredibly fast and frankly we were running out of room in our stock ponds.

Michel Kowalski was a new customer who visited us with his brother Daniel and their wives. Michel "said" he caught the first fish which was this nice Asian Redtail

Daniel "said" he caught the first fish which was this Amazon Redtail ..

This brotherly banter continued throughout the day with the 2 of them even jostling over another Asian Redtail photo opportunity .

Daniel's Wife was getting a little bored with the brotherly battle and decided to head into the kitchen to take one of our Thai cooking classes . As with all customers she received a certificate of participation and a list of recipes and ingredients for the dishes she cooked

After a delicious Thai lunch cooked by his wife Daniel was all smiles when he caught this rare Wallagoo Attu on a fish bait.

Michel of course had to out do Daniel with his first ever Arapaima..

The day ended well and even the 2 brothers joined our guides in a team photo

Our good friend Martin was back and was eagerly targeting more new species . he was off to a great start with this beautiful Goonch

I am not sure if there is an official name but we call this an albino/silver Chao Phraya Catfish which is some kind of cross breed or breeder modified Chao Phraya..

Not a big fish but another new species for our Belgian friend was this Bony lipped barb

Martin has caught Arapaima every visit to EFT and never gets bored of them as you can see me his big smile .

Martin and Lek celebrating a good team effort .. Its great to see the guides and customers having a great time together

This Russian angler was making very good use of our newly modified swims and steps landing 8 Arapaima in one day to set a new EFT Arapaima record ..

The record had stood at 5 fish with a 3 way tie for quite some time , but within 3 days of stocking the new fish the record went to 6 , 7 and then finally 8 where it still stands ..

Another one of the record 8 Arapaima in one day ...

A Japanese customer with this very nice Alligator Gar .

The same angler also landed his first Arapaima guided by Neil Robinson of Fishing Khao lak

Another Alligator Gar for Martin who was visiting with his partner Jo

Martin also landed several Amazon Redtails

It wasnt just the men catching as Jo also landed a nice fish

Speaking of lady anglers, Lorine Mohammed deserves an honourable mention for her fish fighting efforts .

Lorine was visiting with her husband Barrie and friends and did a great job of fighting this fish which really gave her a run for her money .

The end result was a very nice Siamese carp .The fun group landed a mixed bag of fish but unfortunately no Arapaima. They have warned us they will be back :):)

Another group who were enjoying our food as much as their fishing were Warren Ferrington with family and friends

It wasn't just food though , as they did hook and land several nice fish

This included an Arapaima for a good Thai friend of theirs.

Kim Nilsson of Denmark visited us for the first time with his son Nikolas and daughter Natasha.. It was only a few minutes before Nikolas hooked into something huge

After a 30 minute battle this stunning Arapaima was in the cage ready for a photo

The rest of the day was obviously anti climactic for Nikolas with his several Amazon Redtails

Dad started small with an Albino Pacu

He continued along same lines with a Bony lipped barb

Things improved and Kim was very happy with a Goonch

Kim returned for 3 days and finally landed his first Arapaima after a mixed bag of fish .. Patience does pay off:)

Lars from Ao Nang visited on the same day as Kim Nilsson along with his friend Tobias .. It was definitely "Danish Day " with very customer on the lake being from Denmark :)

Lars landed an awesome Alligator Gar and needed no help for the photo . A word of warning though to customers when lifting a big Gar as their scales are very rough so maybe wear a long sleeved shirt..

Tobias was a very patient angler which was good as the fishing was slow until mid afternoon . Once the fish started to bite he landed several Siamese carp quite close together

After the Siamese Tobias's luck had definitely changed as he hooked into something bigger

After several runs and head shaking leaps he finally got his target Arapaima

Tom Roche was visiting us for the first time and had a great day catching 11 fish of 8 different species . This kind of day really shows off what EFT is all about .. Tom landed 4 different Catfish species including Amazon Redtails , African walking Catfish . Goonch and this awesome Piraiba Catfish

Tom also landed a very colourful Tambaqui .

His favorite fish though was of course this Arapaima.

This Giant Snakehead was yet another predator which came out on the float and lum method ..It made that fatal mistake of attacking fry which were eating the lum and getting caught in the act .. We use a very short leader and 90% of the fish are hooked perfectly

World Judo champion Lukas Krpalek from the Czech Republic visited us with his fiancee Eva and friends and family for an amazing afternoon . He started his catch report with a nice Alligator Gar

His father was next to catch with an Asian Redtail

Next up was their first Arapaima with everyone in for a photo ..

Lukas put his judo moves on this fish which ended up to be their big fsh for the afternoon

We wish Lukas and Eva well and hope they consider EFT if they have a fishing honeymoon :)..

Our good friend Koen from Belgium was back catching some really awesome fish with some Pbs and new species mixed in ..This Giant Snakehead was just one of his many quality fish ..

A beautiful Siamese for Koen on the lum and poly ball combo

Koen was smiling from ear to ear when he landed yet another fish on the float and a Wallagoo Leeri to boot .

Next up and more smiles for a Chao Phraya Catfish

Another cool catch was this Goonch Catfish .. Not big but it had an amazing colour pattern and a very rare fish to catch anywhere but especially in a lake..

More smiles and a fat Amazon Redtail

Another Chao Phraya Catfish which are even more fun to catch at night :)

Koen has caught many Arapaima but has a smile for every one.

This fish had a really nice red colour to it . I cant wait to see i when it reaches 100kg

Koen's Arapaimas got bigger every catch

When he hooked this fish just before 7pm I was hoping it would be his biggest of his visit..

Sure enough Koen had saved the biggest for last with this awesome Arapaima

Famed tattoo artist Matt Jordan caught the first fish of his visit and got a great photo here with his little guy and a nice Amazon Redtail.

Matt was very happy with his next fish . A good sized Arapaima

What happened next surprised us all .

It was ladies day as Matt's partner landed one of the biggest Chao Phraya catfish I have seen come out of EFT so far .. The most exciting part was that this fish was stocked at under 30kg only 2 years ago and is now clearly over 50 maybe even 55 kg.

March madness continued with Mark Fox hooking into another monster from swim 11

We have also had some big Chao Phraya from this swim before but when this fish surfaced it was yet another big Arapaima for the month

I dont have a photo of Mark's other Arapaima but I did manage a pic of this redtail tiger cross he caught

Mark's friend Spencer also landed a nice sized Arapaima , so a busy day for these 2 Brits ..

Match anger Mark visiting us with his friend Geoff and after experimenting with some rigs landed his first Arapaima

Our Good friend and fellow Canadian Kenny visited with Neil, Flob and the boys from Rawai and caught this Arapaima

Kenny like most Canadians;) has no problems catching Arapaima and managed one on both days he visited

Kenny also managed a couple of very nice Siamese to round out a couple of good days fishing .

Peter Stevenson visited us for the first time .His first EFT fish an Amazon Redtail

Next up for Peter was a beautifully coloured Giant Snakehead.

Last but not least a beauty of an Arapaima to finish off the trip

Sean Seddon visiting with Peter landed a beautiful Spotted Featherback as one of 14 fish and 7 different species for their 2 days of fishing ..I wish I could find some worms as I am sure we would clean up on the Featherbacks as they love the things

Next up was an Asian Redtail which Sean got in some kind of a head lock:).

Not the best photo but a nice Siamese from his list

A chunky Amazon Redtail gave him a good scrap , but not as good as his next fish

This colourful predator was Sean's fish of the trip .. and of course his target species

Razmuz Pedesen landed 5 Arapaima 4 Amazon Redtails and 1 Siamese also on "Denmark day" . I was wondering who the other Dane was as I was wring this :)

Razmus with his first Arapaima

His second fish was almost identical .Both were most likely part of the new stocking we had just done

More Arapaima and this time for Marku from Finland who caught 6 along with 1 Albino Pacu

Here is number 2 of 6

Another Arapaima from his busy day.

Robert from England was visiting with Martin and landed his first Arapaima.

This Amazon Redtail was another of his 6 fish total for the day .

Martin also landed an Arapaima but this wasn't his first bite for the day . Apparently he had been chased by a monkey as he was going to his taxi somewhere in his hotel and managed to escape with just a few scratches ..

Martin also got in on the catfish action but with an Asian rather than an Amazon Redtail . His catch report also shows a Piraiba Catfish but sadly no photo :(

Aaron Heller visited from Australia on a mission to catch his dream Arapaima . As with most anglers who are extremely eager to catch that fish of a lifetime he had to wait until his final day .. Mission accomplished though with this brute of a fish .Unfortunately this is the only pic I have from his visit with his friend Scott but at least it was the right photo .

Don't forget that EFT is fun for the whole family , so make sure to bring your kids fishing . EFT is still the only resort with a family special with 4 rods for 7000 baht .Make sure to also keep an eye open for our "Take a Child Fishing Initiative" coming soon ...

That brings to an end a busy March report with a mad number of Arapaimas and lots of other great fish . If you are looking for more information on our resort please take a look at our website at where we have lots of info and even an "ask mike" section which I hope is helpful ..

You can also book online through the website booking form or email us direct at . You can also book by phone at +[66] 883799377 from overseas or from a Thai number 0883799377 ..We hope to welcome you here soon